mcdonald's women's m-league grand final

Members of the Macarthur Football Association (MFA) Local Competitions Committee (LCC) convened a meeting on Wednesday evening to consider the Match Protest lodged by the Ingleburn Eagles Soccer Club.

The Club elected to exercise their right to lodge a Protest (Rule 212) following the conclusion of the McDonald’s Women’s M-League Grand Final on Sunday, 15 September 2019. The Club requested a replay of the match after a ‘no goal’ decision was made by the Match Official early in the second half. Video footage and images have since surfaced, indicating the ball, struck by Golden Boot winner Kelly Milligan of Ingleburn, travelled though the goal and out of a small hole in the goal net. 

The MFA can confirm the goal nets were inspected by the Match Officials prior to the commencement of the match and again at halftime. No issues were reported, and play commenced at the discretion of the Match Officials. While considering the decision, the Match Official did check the goal net and did not identify a hole. After deliberating with the Assistant Referee, the Match Official awarded a goal kick.   


In ultimately reaching a decision, the Committee cited Law 5.2 of the FIFA Laws of the Game:

Decisions will be made to the best of the referee's ability according to the Laws of the Game and the ‘spirit of the game’ and will be based on the opinion of the referee, who has the discretion to take appropriate action within the framework of the Laws of the Game.

The decisions of the referee regarding facts connected with play, including whether or not a goal is scored and the result of the match, are final. The decisions of the referee, and all other match officials, must always be respected.


In this case, when the video footage is considered, it is clear the ‘no-goal’ decision was an error in fact. Therefore, in abiding by the Laws of the Game, it has been determined that the result of said match stands as a 3-2 win to the Camden Tigers.


Ingleburn has the opportunity to appeal the decision to the MFA Board of Directors. 


  • Macarthur Football Association