2020 Association Development Program 

ADP Coaches workshop- 29th JUNE 2020

Yesterday morning, our ADP staff were out on the field early at Lynwood Park running through session plans and practices that will be used in the program.


The main focus of the day was to give our staff an overview of how we want the participants who are in the program assisted in their football development. We covered the content and structure of the sessions as well as the coach’s role in facilitating learning for the kids through a guided discovery methodology.


The staff are made up of a wide variety of coaches, from those who work with Senior men’s teams to those who have advanced license accreditation's and others who are just starting their coaching journey with Community Coaching Licenses.


Shayne Jones who coaches the AYL U16 said “It was great to see such a high level of interest shown by Macarthur's youth taking their first steps toward becoming potential representative / club coaches of the future”.  I was also pleased to see that the majority of staff are currently playing some level of rep football which gives them a good grounding as they know first hand the importance of sound technical and decision making abilities which are key elements of the program. One of the things that stood out was the number of female coaches who want to be involved which will help us develop female only groups and female only coaching clinics.

Macarthur Football Association are pleased to announce that we are currently accepting registrations (see registration link at the bottom of page) for children to take part in our 2020 Association Development Program (ADP). Unfortunately, we can not receive registrations for the ADP until the child is registered for the 2020 season at one of our local clubs in the Macarthur Football Association area. 


If you are previously familiar with the Association Development Program (ADP), you will understand how great this program is for a young players development, and to help build them into a future representative athlete. But for those who are not familiar with the ADP, please see the below information with everything you need to know before deciding if this is something you want your child to be a part of or not.


Members of the Macarthur Football Association aged between 5 and 15 are invited to participate in the 2020 ADP. The ADP is designed to supplement the club player’s local training and provide the technical assistance needed to build a set of skills which will enhance the player’s ability to perform better on match days, at training, and trials for future representative squads. This year, the program will be ran on Monday evenings, which will commence on the 23rd of March, 2020. The program will be held at the following locations throughout the program:


1. Lynwood Park, Rangers Road, St Helens Park

2. Belgenny Reserve, Belgenny Avenue, Camden South

3. Kooringa Reserve, Varroville (Raby)


Players aged up to U11 will train from 5.45pm – 6.50pm

Players aged U12 and above will train from 7pm – 8.15pm


View the full season schedule here

Orientation for all players will take place on Saturday, 14 March at Lynwood Park. 

The program will consist of: 

- ONE Training Session per week over 20 weeks

- Qualified coaches under the supervision of the Association's experienced Football Manager, Norm Boardman

- Training Uniform

- Ball

- Player Progression Reports

The cost of the ADP is $250 at the time of registration. We do offer a discount for siblings. But it is important to take note that the player MUST be registered for the 2020 season with a local club in the Macarthur Football Association to be eligible to register for the ADP.

The ADP exists to: 

  • Identify talented players as early as possible and help them develop better playing and training habits along with an attitude that is essential to helping a footballer fulfil their potential

  • Provide our Community club players with the opportunity to undertake supplementary training that is development based in a structured and periodised program that seeks to train players who are ‘like-minded’ and intrinsically driven to reach their footballing potential outside their normal club training at a local venue where possible

  • Maintain and strengthen each club’s player development through consistent delivery of quality and intensive training sessions which provide appropriate learning environments for all

  • Help track a player’s development and create a footballing ‘profile’ for the child which can be used when assessing players at future representative trials, rather than depending solely on the player’s performance at the trial i.e. they might be sick or not play well on that particular trial day.  This way they can be assessed over a 20 week period.

Benefits for Players:

  • One of the main benefits of the program is that players will be provided with more personalised attention to their needs during sessions as the coaches are not trying to prepare a ‘team’ for an upcoming club match

  • The program focuses on improving individual and collective skills as well as developing decision making through a ‘game centred’ approach to the sessions

  • Players will be constantly monitored and reports collated to assist with their development progress, which will also be supplied to the club for ongoing development purposes should they require them

  • Parents will be able to monitor their child’s progress through participation in games against other MFA club’s SAP Development Scheme players on a regular basis in game days/evenings which will be scheduled throughout the 20 week program

  • We will select players who perform consistently at training in the 20 week program to play in matches against and or train with our current SAP/Youth League/Rams Women Players where the coaches can assess their development against their own players

  • As well as this the players will also have opportunities to match their development against outside Associations/Regions that are running similar programs at least twice during the 20 week program.

  • MOST IMPORTANTLY the players who participate in this program will train with like-minded players who are intrinsically motivated to improve their technique and decision making abilities.



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